I Make No Apology 
by Gaspar Vetrano
What We Do

We  are selling my biogaphy, it is a true story of twenty years as a criminal in New York City, first as a pimp then as a high level drug dealer, my customers ranged from celebrities to street junkies, the New York State Organized Crime Task Force formed a special squad with one objective arrest, convict and dismantle my organization, it took them seven years but in the end they accomplished their goal.
How We're Different

My story is told exactly the way it happened without any exageration or embellishment. I dealt to certain people personally and had a crew that ran my high volumn business uptown in Harlem and while I am of Italian decent I have never been associated with the mob, rather I had a crew of 25 young men that were completely loyal to me as I was to them, they were my family in every way but blood but proved to be much closer then a blood tie could ever be.
How We Got Started

In 2007 I lost my home, car, jewelry and every penny I had, when thinking back of the life I had lived, the years in prison ,the bullets in my body , the lies told on screen in the American Gangster movie prompted me to write this book as quickly as I could, I waited a long time to be sure the statutes of limitation were up on any and every crime I had commited. This book is painfully truthful, from my beginning to my arrest, jumping bail, living on the run to my capture extradition and sentencing,serving my time and my release. This is not a cautionary tale, you will hear no tales of redemption, I enjoyed every minute of the life I lived, til this day I still carry three bullets in my body that cause me a lot of pain in damp weather. Today I live a very quite life, I have been married to the same woman for 19  years and am very happy, but every now and then I remember the yeas past with a smile. Barnes and Noble gave my book a five star rating, I am sure you will enjoy it.
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Gaspar Vetrano at American Gangster Museum in New York City - April 11, 2012
April 13, 2012 American Gangster Museum
New York City
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